Sparkling wine

...but in a can!

There’s no longer a reason to wait to break open some bubbly! Your on-demand premier party in a can is here! 


Kaycee Mac is a premium sparkling canned wine with a music history theme. The brand name is personified by a strong, independent female who focuses on empowering women, promoting diversity, and giving back to the arts community. A portion of proceeds from Kaycee Mac will go towards music programs for underprivileged children in low income communities. It is our mission to empower people and give back to the arts community through our incredible sparkling wine in a can. We strive to make the wine industry more inclusive and diverse, using Kaycee Mac as our platform.

4 cans equal one and 1/3 bottles

When you buy a 4-pack of Kaycee Mac, you're getting the equivalent of 1 liter of premium sparkling wine!

1 Can equals one and a 1/2 Glasses

Not only is Kaycee Mac easy to take on-the-go for all your adventures, but it's the perfect single serving!

Less Waste

Not only can you recycle the cans, but a glass and a half per can is the perfect single serving! No more throwing out half-full bottles of wine!

The wines

The perfect amount of lemon and lime citrus strikes every chord with complexity unmatched in a can. Kaycee mac sparkling blanc takes you on a mouth watering, thirst quenching ride that crescendos with the perfect finish.

A can full of berries and watermelon hits each note on beat as the wine dances on your palate. Kaycee Mac Sparkling Rosé harmonizes from first sip to all the way through to the finish.

your on-demand party in a can!